Our Future Home

Through the generous support of donors, the NCHR seeks to purchase a 58-acre property in the East Bay Hills on a site that has served as a quarry for many decades. Once the land is secured, the community will be invited to attend a Ceremony led by women and indigenous peoples to honor and bless the land, and to set the intention to steward this site for community wellness and healing.


The NCHR will be created with cutting edge, visionary models of sustainability and clean energy. Medicinal plants, organic honey and organic food will be grown on the property, for use on site as well as for demonstration and educational courses. The site is sited directly adjacent to protected public lands surrounding a lake and beautiful walking trails, completing a circle of protected land around the lake for future generations to enjoy for many years to come.


The NCHR is seeking major donors and investors committed to seeing the land for this center purchased in 2016 (property is listed at $4.2 million), and to begin the site development plan in 2017. Donations are fully tax deductible, and a limited number of donors who contribute over $1 million dollars for land purchase and site development will have the opportunity to have their name displayed prominently on an artistic monument that will be installed on the site.


For more information, contact Brenda Salgado, NCHR Director, at brenda@nepantla.org.


The Nepantla Center for Healing and Renewal is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your generous donation is tax-deductible.