Nepantla Center for Healing and Recovery


The NCHR is planned as an urban education and retreat center where individuals and communities can dive deeply into a "spiritual university" of life focused on land-based spiritual wisdom indigenous to the Americas, The NCHR will also host guests with wisdom from outside the Americas that are also rooted in ancestral, land-based indigenous traditions.


While spiritual retreat centers currently exist nearby, they are often difficult to reach without transportation, are financially inaccessible to many individuals, and are limited in the diversity of teachers and traditions they offer. The vision for this center is rooted in indigenous prophecies pointing to an urgent need for traditional wisdom and medicine to help humanity heal and reconnect their relationships with one another across differences, and with the greater web of life.


There are many traditional community teachers and healers who are committed to serving low income communities and grassroots leaders, but are challenged to find culturally appropriate and reasonably priced spaces in the East Bay that would allow them to offer their teachings on a gift, reciprocity or low-cost basis. The Nepantla Center will create space for this, and will also serve as the administrative home a land network of properties open to hosting teachers so they can share more widely in the community.


The NCHR is dedicated to offering diverse programming and projects that allow individuals to cultivate personal wellness as they deeply reconnect with the interconnectedness of all life. As a human family, we are in a time of great transition and an opportunity to evolve in human consciousness.


Traditional models of wellness, shared leadership models and community circle work offer us ways to nurture human development, heal ancestral and personal trauma, cultivate balance, nourish our gifts for the whole, hold space to witness one another’s stories, and create pathways for communities to thrive in harmony with nature and with one another.